Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Mr. Nobody

Suppose you are confined to a really small group of friends and one day, one of them... N that one too being the most special among them says, "...yeah, you are just kinda the one clinging on in the group..." What would your reaction be!

I don't generally believe in fortune tellers, but once a 'Baba' types person told me that I wouldn't have much friends in my life... At the time, I was like *Oh, we'll see!*, but somehow, during these two days, 8 people in my life have moved from "friends" to "Just colleagues" or from "Special friends" to just "friends"... My reaction? Earlier I felt guilty about not being able to spare time or care... No guilty feelings now!

Someone rightly said, "Nemo Cogendus Amicus". My theories are really simple. ...And I don't think that you are, but if in any case you're reading this, do consider that you are as free to go as you were to come! :)

P.S.- I just needed a space to get this out of my head to sleep... So here. Don't judge me on the basis of this post... In any case, I wouldn't care if you did too! :P