Tuesday, 22 September 2015

And yeah... I'm NOT gonna miss you Bangalore... ^_^

Every time people leave some place, they have status like "I'll miss you *place*" or stuff like that... Relativity... Now what's wrong with me? "We'll get to that later... :P"

It's just a matter of perspective, for some people (friends mostly), it's like "Wow! You're in Bangalore! Cool! Awesome! It must be fun n all…", watching from my point of view, it's "Where the heck did you get stuck man! >_<"

I don't totally disagree, wherever we go, we get to know lots of people and to be on the brighter side, some people are really worth missing... But being on a comparative stance, I rather see the things that lack… Topmost of them being "LIFE"

So after these long 4 months, 7 days and 7 hours… (At least according to my estimated arrival time :D) I'm finally gettin back home... And yes, I do remember the date and time I left very well... ;)

And whatsoever, I don't even know the future plans... Might have to come back again here... :P ....but still, in the mean time, I'm NOT gonna miss you Bangalore ;)