Saturday, 28 November 2015

And this part is called PREFACE ;)

There are some things that you should know about me-

I care about the right and left of my earphones. My brain won't let me enjoy a good song until I put the left one in left ear and right one in right ear.

I like taking screenshots of funny conversations. Its like they say "hey! we'll make you laugh when you are feeling low, so capture us!"

If you are with me, I'd randomly ask questions about anything. There hasn't have to be a reason why I'm asking them!!

I have the fear of getting bored! The sole reason of checking social networks every hour :P ...but give me a nice movie n forget that I'll reply on any media until that movie is finished ;)

The more the number of tabs opened in my Chrome, the more I love it :D

I don't generally like starting conversations. But if I do get indulged in one with you, I won't stop until I fall asleep because I couldn't handle any more!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm the Ross of my house or whether Ross was the Ashrut of his group! ;