Tuesday, 22 September 2015

And yeah... I'm NOT gonna miss you Bangalore... ^_^

Every time people leave some place, they have status like "I'll miss you *place*" or stuff like that... Relativity... Now what's wrong with me? "We'll get to that later... :P"

It's just a matter of perspective, for some people (friends mostly), it's like "Wow! You're in Bangalore! Cool! Awesome! It must be fun n all…", watching from my point of view, it's "Where the heck did you get stuck man! >_<"

I don't totally disagree, wherever we go, we get to know lots of people and to be on the brighter side, some people are really worth missing... But being on a comparative stance, I rather see the things that lack… Topmost of them being "LIFE"

So after these long 4 months, 7 days and 7 hours… (At least according to my estimated arrival time :D) I'm finally gettin back home... And yes, I do remember the date and time I left very well... ;)

And whatsoever, I don't even know the future plans... Might have to come back again here... :P ....but still, in the mean time, I'm NOT gonna miss you Bangalore ;)

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A perfect evening...

People have various definitions of a perfect evening... One might consider an evening spent to be perfect with his/her beloved one... Another might consider the same doing something he/she loves to....
A mild coffee with Nescafe Basement songs and monsoon breeze sets my idea of a perfect evening. In midst of this evening, I came across an article posted by someone on fb... found it worth reading, so posting it here..

Dilip Kumar (One of the most famous actors of his time in Indian Cinemas) himself narrated this incident.

At his peak, the star was travelling by plane. The passenger sitting next was elderly. Dressed in a very simple bush shirt and pant, his apparel projected a middle class. He appeared well educated.

Passengers on the aircraft snatched glances of the renowned Dilip Kumar. Yet, the gentleman appeared unconcerned. He read his newspaper, then looked out of the window.

When tea came, he sipped it without any notice of Dilip Kumar who sat with him.

It made Dilip Kumar uneasy.

Trying to strike a conversation, he smiled.
The courteous man smiled back and said hello.

Dilip somehow brought the subject to films and asked,
"Do you watch films?"
The man replied,
"Oh, very few. I did see one many years ago"
Dilip casually mentioned that he himself worked in films.
Man; "Oh, that's nice. What do you do?"
Dilip Kumar; "I am a film actor"
Man; "Oh, wonderful?"
There was no further response.

When the flight landed and both stood up, Dilip Kumar held out his hand,
"It was good to travel with you. By the way, my name is Dilip Kumar"
The man shook hand and smiled,
"Thank you. I am J.R.D. Tata"

For all who think that he is big, there is always someone bigger....  Be humble!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Finally... A start

So, after all these 2 years, here it is.. My own, personal blog... A space to just let down all the tonnes of thoughts, events that pass by everyday.

What's with the two years? Well.. I've had been thinking of creating this since the past two years! Sounds weird, but the one single reason was that I couldn't think of a good name! :P

For the same, a friend said, "Who cares about the damn name! Just start writing!" So.. Here it is. :) ...As for one, "Do you even know how to write", Well... nothing can be said without a try!

I once updated a status, "My life's an open book, but a book doesn't come to you and ask you to read it. If you won't ask, I won't tell..." Now that its here, the need to ask will perhaps be eliminated too! ;)

For the last, I don't expect much readers, but if you are, most welcome from my side to this little cosmos :)

Got any suggestions for betterment? Always invited. :)