Saturday, 8 April 2017

The feedback fad

Yeah, so for a bit of a background... there is this current craze of anonymous feedback thing going around where you can sign up on this site, they give you a link where you can ask anything and share to everyone for feedback..

So I thought why not give it a go.. and to my surprise, I got a bit too much response than expected! :D Now I don't want my instagram or facebook to be filled up with that stuff, so I thought why not just post it here :P

And besides that, thank you sooo much if you're someone who posted something in this :) ...and reading it as well :P

And btw... though I removed the link from instagram, if you are still left out, I have the widget for it on the right side of the blog, and also you can use the link anytime! Laters :)

Well... :)
Some real friends I'll say :P

Honestly... this was just too much ;)
Yayyy :D

This one made my day though :)
The one that got too much carried away :P

The last one for the day :)