Friday, 18 March 2016



1) Cut your head off!
2) Cut the heads of migraine causing people off.. ;)

I would personally prefer second one, but that would include a lot of work as there are like endless of those 'causing' ones...

N wait... I recently heard that suing someone is a damn piece of cake these days, be it moral grounds, social or whatever..! So here is something for that too :P

DISCLAIMER- This blog in any way doesn't promote suicides or murders in any case whatsoever! Any act by any reader as a result of reading this post will be considered solely discretionary and I am in no case taking any responsibility for it!
(I'm good at writing disclaimers, ain't I!? :D)

Thursday, 17 March 2016


So today, I was at my bank and the lady just randomly asked "Why CA!" (I'm doing CA.. - of course only if you don't know it already.) Now it was not like an interview so the pit lines like "I'm passionate about CA" or "It was my childhood dream to become a CA" were really out of the prospects... So I just casually said, "Aise hi.. I just went with the flow..."

After coming back at home, I really gave it a thought and what came out is here... If I made a list of "my career prospects since childhood", it would be the same as a girl's shopping list:

1) Very long
2) never ending

So, here we go

• Astronaut: Just the idea of hanging into mid air was enough for this :P
• Pilot: Basically almost every boy at my age and that time took being pilot as a career goal.
• Teacher: I was pretty good with teaching stuff n handling other kids...
• Microbiologist: Because the name itself fascinated me.
• Author: Because Harry Potter was one of my favorite novels.
• Teacher (again): Because I also loved shouting at kids. (Don't judge me) :D
• Vet: Because I love dogs. (Squirrels too.. But they were sadly out of the prospects of a vet)
• Doctor: I really thought that I could give myself medicines with better taste that way if I got sick... ;)
• Teacher (yet again): Because I just loved the profession.
• CA: My uncles are CAs.. So this was also a kind of option.
• Chef: Believe it or not, I was really good at cooking!
• Hacker: This one always fascinated me... Getting access- of whatever you like, whenever you like and to use it however you like! :D
• Animation: I really liked it.. N even knew making 3D animations upto some extent.(of course I learned it!)

*takes up commerce*

• Bank PO: Really!!? Why would you even say that!
• MBA: "Gali Gali mein ghumte hain!!" - At least that's what I thought... n of course I'm not talking about IIMs
• CA: Because everyone recommended it and there were not much options in my knowledge ;(
• Photographer: Turned out I was really good at photography... But so is most of the crowd as soon as you hand them over a DSLR.
• CA: *continues for a year*
• Hacker: (Ethical Hacker this time) I'm still much into computers than any of my friends... But it involves a butt load of mugging up crap... So really not my cup of tea.
• CA (again): Because cleared my Inter? No..! Once something is started, no backouts dude!!

To be Continued....

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Okay, This is a copied one! ;)

One of the best poems ever written, for the best movie ever made:

ऐ मौत तू एक कविता है....
मुझसे एक कविता का वादा है मिलेगी मुझको....  

डूबती नब्ज़ों में जब दर्द को नींद आने लगे....
ज़र्द सा चेहरा लिए जब चाँद उफ़क़ तक पहुंचे....
दिन अभी पानी में हो और रात किनारे के करीब....
न अभी अँधेरा हो, न उजाला, न रात न दिन....
जिस्म जब खत्म हो और रूह को साँस आए .... 

मुझसे एक कविता का वादा है मिलेगी मुझको....

Sometimes I wish that Anand was a South Indian movie. Rajesh Khanna wouldn't have died because in the end the intestines would have miraculously killed the cancer. And then maybe we wouldn't have cried our heart out over this line:

आनंद मरा नहीं
आनंद मरते नहीं

Post credits: Anchal
Source: Undisclosed ;)

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Mr. Nobody

Suppose you are confined to a really small group of friends and one day, one of them... N that one too being the most special among them says, "...yeah, you are just kinda the one clinging on in the group..." What would your reaction be!

I don't generally believe in fortune tellers, but once a 'Baba' types person told me that I wouldn't have much friends in my life... At the time, I was like *Oh, we'll see!*, but somehow, during these two days, 8 people in my life have moved from "friends" to "Just colleagues" or from "Special friends" to just "friends"... My reaction? Earlier I felt guilty about not being able to spare time or care... No guilty feelings now!

Someone rightly said, "Nemo Cogendus Amicus". My theories are really simple. ...And I don't think that you are, but if in any case you're reading this, do consider that you are as free to go as you were to come! :)

P.S.- I just needed a space to get this out of my head to sleep... So here. Don't judge me on the basis of this post... In any case, I wouldn't care if you did too! :P