Monday, 1 January 2018

Just a wish...

Dear Santa,

I know it's quite late from Christmas... Just that I thought you might get free by now. You know I've messed up a lot of things this year... And it's been years since I asked you anything as a Christmas wish. Would you help me sort some stuff out this time?

You know how they always say being single is the best, yet I fell again for somebody this year... And again got down... I'm not asking you to change her feelings about me... But would you at least help me get over it? Because no matter how hard I try, I don't seem to.

Do you remember the time when they continuously persuaded me to confess it to her? And I finally did... Can you at once tell me of that time not to do it? Because it really did ruin even the last tiniest bit of friendship that we shared.

Even that, I think you'd remember the first time we met....  You know how they say that the best solution is to take it out from the roots... For once I want to believe them again...  Would it be too hard for you to somehow not let that first meet happen? Because no matter what others might think, but I know... I fell for her right in that moment.