Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Finally... A start

So, after all these 2 years, here it is.. My own, personal blog... A space to just let down all the tonnes of thoughts, events that pass by everyday.

What's with the two years? Well.. I've had been thinking of creating this since the past two years! Sounds weird, but the one single reason was that I couldn't think of a good name! :P

For the same, a friend said, "Who cares about the damn name! Just start writing!" So.. Here it is. :) ...As for one, "Do you even know how to write", Well... nothing can be said without a try!

I once updated a status, "My life's an open book, but a book doesn't come to you and ask you to read it. If you won't ask, I won't tell..." Now that its here, the need to ask will perhaps be eliminated too! ;)

For the last, I don't expect much readers, but if you are, most welcome from my side to this little cosmos :)

Got any suggestions for betterment? Always invited. :)