Monday, 26 September 2016

The types

Last day at the office during regular work, I couldn't help but notice one senior constantly applying his manual efforts in a huge excel dump... To be precise, what he was doing was entering one empty row after each row of data. There were almost a couple of thousand rows and it had been almost 15 mins that he was continuously pressing the same key combinations again and again... I came up with a simple logic that would solve the problem and all of his happiness that he was about to complete went in vain... :D
Anyways.. that's not the topic for now. What happened next was that another lady just came up.. saw what he was doing and said what did he even need to do all that stuff for when all the calculations could be made with a mere another logic.. and there.. my happiness of beating that senior went down.. :P

So the conclusion is- There are three types of people... keeping the efforts as constant...

1) Like the one entering the empty rows... Work continuously, but the results are still lacking at the end.

2) Like me.. (Only in this case.. otherwise there's nobody like me.. :P ) Come up with a little logic and leave the rest to work.. never seem working, but the results are still up to the mark :D

And 3) The one like the lady.. put pressure only in the head.... N leave the body for rest, finishing the job in a couple of minutes and enjoy... these people actually have the potential to rule...! :P

Nevertheless, the world is a rainbow and there are plenty of colours... I'm still trying to get in the third category. Which one are you in! :D