Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Assignment

I’ve been asked to write about a memory. Maybe I should go with the one in the rainy evening…
We were at the coffee house, but there was a bar in the story as well… Yeah, I remember now.
We were both at the bar with our friends.
I caught a glimpse of her being uncomfortable with the loud music. Perhaps she caught mine too. A little hint, and we both sneaked out from our groups. Honestly, I was a bit surprised that she followed me there.
It was drizzling outside. Why would anyone even want to leave that irresistible weather! We entered the nearby open coffee house.
Funny thing about it – we didn’t ask names, didn’t exchange the contact info either… At least that was the deal! She had those rare, hazel colored, mesmerising eyes that anyone could fall into love with at the first glance… Why is it always the eyes!
We ordered the coffee.. I opted for the name as Ted, she went for Monica, and that was the start of a crossover conversation that I could not forget in a lifetime… but let’s leave that for some other time. I sometimes wonder how the two series have always played some part in who we are, or what we wish to become!
Fast forward, she got a call from one of her friends who was relentlessly searching for her all over the place… we wished adieu towards the end of an almost perfect evening.
The next day, I couldn’t stop myself but go back to the same coffee place in search of her. And to a rather surprise again, she was already there, in the same spot, only looking more beautiful than anyone could ever be. We caught glimpses again. For some reason, she bolted out without a single word…
Maybe some stories don’t have an end, and some things are better left unexplained…
Anyway, that was mine. What’s yours?