Friday, 7 October 2016

The Dilemma

I recently got an answer request on Quora, saying "How do I say no to a CA Firm which has selected me because I got offer from second Firm?" Now this was merely problem of a girl, completely situational. But if you just eliminate the words "CA" & "Firm" and put a blank that can be filled with any term, this would be probably the dilemma of every second person on this whole planet! :P

"How can I say no to ______ which has selected me, because I got a better offer from second _____!"

Now if you find the above line irrelevant, please stop here, not wasting any further time! If not, you can proceed. :D

The problem is that we constantly search for betterment while sticking on to our current "thing", and when that better thing is in front of us (at least we think that it is better..), the problem gets onto how to leave the previous one! To all of those people.... If its better, do not think twice, life will not only be on straight roads, there will be curves as well! And if you can't leave your previous one, what is even the point behind searching for the better thing, be it jobs, products or even relationships! So giddy up and move ahead! Life's too short to get stuck up on things.

Btw... If at all you want to read the answer that I wrote, here it is... :D